Saturday, May 2, 2015


Despite all the people saying they broke up or she's really not into him, Kiko is still together with G-Dragon. And like classic JiKo, they're doing a terrible job hiding it.

Apparently, G-Dragon & Kiko just happened to be at the same Elle Korea party. GD is a fashionable guy & Kiko is a model, so it could all be happenstance. You know how these industry parties are, same people, different venue.'s that simple...BUT THAT'S WHAT THEY WANT US TO THINK!!!
G-Dragon chilling with his bros.

Kiko chilling...with G-Dragon's bros, too?

The only thing JiKo does to try & keep it mysterious for Scooby-Doo & The Gang is artfully use K-Pop ships to their advantage. Of course CL & Dara are there, a little Skydragon & Daragon in the air. Hell...they got Youngbae there, too, for some subtle GDYB fanfiction fodder. 
Accessories to the crime...

Maybe Kiko recorded this! THE PLOT THICKENS!!!

As the night wound down, G-Dragon left to go home before Big Bang's comeback dropped. Kiko, on the other hand, left with CL to the club. Are we imagining a Kiko & CL ship? We'd be lying if we said no, but we'd like to imagine they high 5'd in the club at a job well done deceiving the shippers out there watching. And yet...Kiko throws all that effort away by going into what we're told is G-Dragon's car headed for GD's home.
At least the car didn't have a vanity plate with GD's name to make it more obvious.

Seriously? That's it? No more juicy details? Shhhiiiiit, we might as well make it juicier ourselves. Like...ummm...blurry face up there, that's apparently G-Dragon's manager. And ummm...why would G-Dragon go home & send his manager off to the club with his girl...UNLESS...Kiko isn't his girl & she's dating GD's manager!!! PLOT TWIST!!! That or maybe...maybe...GD & Kiko aren't together, and she just came by to read some Attack on Titan aka Shingeki no Kyojin chapters to better understand her role.
There's an Eren Jaeger cosplay costume somewhere in G-Dragon's closet.

Whatever imaginative scenario they're actually in...G-Dragon & Kiko dating will always be old news.

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