Monday, May 4, 2015


We have two white, blonde girls receiving two very different reactions. One is a TMZ jour...wait, are people who work at TMZ referred to as journalists? We're confused. Anyway, a TMZ person who talks about celebrities at LAX apparently mocked EXID's Junghwa's English. The other is a model, Stefanie Uncles aka Stefanie Michova, who is apparently dating rapper Beenzino.

We think people in general, be it Koreans, international fans, or even f(x)'s Amber, are blowing this apparent TMZ diss way out of proportion. Of course, if you see a white girl impersonating a Korean girl's less than perfect English accent followed by a room of people laughing, any sane person would think, "Fuck, that's racist."

In this case, though, people seemed to have missed the point of the video. TMZ didn't air this piece to clown Junghwa, if anything...Junghwa was an accessory to clown this white girl. Her boss & the people around her are clowning her assumption that her impersonation was somehow okay. No little white's not okay. If anything, other white, blonde girls should be more outraged over this than Koreans.

Now before anyone wants to claim we're defending TMZ, we honestly don't care if Koreans barge into their offices & kimchi slap everyone & erryone.
We'll pay more money to see this than we did Mayweather/Pacquiao.

Now let's move from outrage to love...Beenzino's love to be exact. The world finally received proof of what many people suspected...that Beenzino was indeed in a relationship with Stefanie Uncles.
5 seconds of eye contact = Korean 32nd Base peck on the cheek = Korean 67th Base 

Now, that's not actually the news. What's really news is the netizen reactions, which from what we can can date models. Hell, G-Dragon's girl, Kiko, is a model...but Beenzino's girl is a step above that because she is a...WHITE MODEL!!!
[Visual Approximation of Netizens Receiving the News]
Media: "Beenzino had sex with a white girl!"
Netizens to Beenzino: "Was it everything we dreamed of?!"

You should've seen anime otaku reactions to the above photo.

In response to the sudden attention his relationship is garnering, Beenzino had only this to say, "I have nothing to say regarding my dating rumors. That's my private life."
"That is my private life...that I post publicly on Instagram, sorta like Illuminati symbols on dollar bills."

Let it be known that RC has always been supportive of AMWF couples. There's only one word said when Asian males see an AMWF couples...

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