Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon will have her own solo reality show called, Hyoyeon's Million Likes. Premiering in June, the show will cover Hyoyeon's fashion style, beauty, and lifestyle with the goal of receiving a million likes on her show's Instagram. Generic SNSD show is generic. This is not the Hyoyeon show we imagined or wanted.

We & many like us do not want to see the mundane daytime activities of Hyoyeon unless it involves a hangover from clubbing hours earlier or in the gym working a punching bag. Hyoyeon is the one SNSD member not to be fucked with, a true master of her Universe. She owns these clubs!

Jay Park trembles in the presence of The Hyoyeon. 

We want a show following Hyoyeon's nighttime adventures. We all know what happens when Hyoyeon's on that sauce, especially miss A's Min...
miss A...more like miss HEY!!!

Aside from dancing, the sauce brings out the UFC fighter inside Hyoyeon, as evidenced when she allegedly mollywhopped her man, at the time, hard enough for him to run to the police with a black eye.
If you see Hyoyeon let out a sigh, RUN!!!

Kim Hyoyeon deserves a better, more interesting show.
She didn't choose the Thug Life...Thug Life chose her...

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