Friday, May 8, 2015


Beast & Troublemaker's Hyunseung finally makes his solo debut with "Ma First" featuring Giriboy. Hyunseung is not fucking around with this track, coming out with a solid beat from Black Eyed Pilsung & some real serious dance moves. Behold the rise of Jang Hyunseung!

Now onto the MV...
Of course it starts in a alley, of course!!!

"Ma First" starts out in an alley, like many K-Pop MVs. This alley is populated by very stylish & beautiful people of varying racial backgrounds, like many Korean alleys as we all know. Here we happen upon Hyunseung meeting up with his two unlikely friends.
Hyunseung's greeting vary depending on friendship level.

This newly formed trio notices a hot trio of women chilling in an alley. Hot women love chilling in alleys. Anyway, Hyunseung sets his eyes on the middle one & proceeds to display his attraction towards her. What Hyunseung wants, Hyunseung gets, and he sure is direct about it.
"Yo ma, you looking to get this B2ST or not?"

In response, the beautiful girl meets Hyunseung's aggressiveness with equal aggression.
"Oh you mean this B2ST?"

Not to be deterred, Hyunseung hits her with his best mating dance, accompanied of course by his two friends & and two other dudes that happen to know the choreography. Man, this is one talented pool of people in this alley. Unfortunately, the dancing didn't work, and she walks away.
Hyunseung doesn't take rejection very well.

We're back in Hyunseung's very creepy dwelling where we find him & the object of his affection on a couch. Armed with his trusty crayon, he begins to holla at this girl the only way he knows actually writing "holla" on her body.
We could've told you that wasn't going to work...also, how did that crayon write on skin?

At this point, we realize...maybe Hyunseung is crazy. Like crazy for this girl, but also actually crazy.
"How is swinging on a swing in a room with the ramblings of a mad man scribbled all over the walls considered 'crazy'?"

Fuck all that noise, let's hit the club! Hyunseung dressed in his finest all white outfit, fit to be at Diddy's White Party, enters the club with his two friends...that look like they didn't change clothes at all. Classic Hyunseung, outdressing his friends to better his chances with the ladies. Seeing his lady getting double-teamed on the dance floor, Hyunseung shows the club what's up with his killer dance moves.

You might wonder, is this dance set off the dome, straight freestyle? Nope! We find out Hyunseung was at the empty club hours earlier practicing his set.
Keys to Victory: Preparation

Practiced or not, it worked. The girl Hyunseung's been crushing on felt his sincerity & grabs him off the dance floor & into the elevator.
"Wait, I didn't even catch your name...ahhh fuck it..."

While Hyunseung gets some ass, Giriboy jumps on the track for a few bars...that's all Hyunseung needs to lay it down. Post-elevator sex calls for post-elevator sex celebratory dancing!!!

That's it, right? Hyunseung got the girl, so mission accomplished, right? Not so fast! Cut to...
Oh Jesus, Hyunseung, what the hell?!

So Hyunseung was actually in an institution crazy. So all of that, ALL OF IT, were delusions in his head. Still...Hyunseung's got the best hair we've ever seen on a psych patient. He finally wakes up from his delusions only to find his girl in his room sitting in his crazy swing.
Best make-up we've seen a psych patient, too.

So is she a hallucination, actually real, or maybe a ghost? We don't know! It'd be weird for a psych ward to allow co-ed rooms, but it'd also be weird to have swings in patient rooms, so this could just be a very liberal institution. Nevertheless, what a twist!!!

We give this song/MV:
 37 Post-B2ST Grab Faces out of 17 I Just Had Sex Twirls

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